redefining the odd one out

On two separate days, weeks apart and involving distinct people, I found myself being the only straight person around the table.

This, I find funny, ironic, honest and not at all out of the ordinary. I think it’s  saying something for our real life social networks when more and more people are becoming braver about coming out. I’m not saying that it’s any easier today than it was ten or twenty years ago, and I’m not claiming that I know what they’re going through, because I don’t. I’m not saying that bullying, stereotypes and prejudice are moot, because these are persistent realities. What I am saying, from the outside looking in, is that perhaps, people are slowly becoming more open, more intelligent and less judgmental.  Slowly, deftly, these random conversations in coffee shop and Malate bars chip at religious, political and preconceived personal beliefs.  They allow us to understand that although the preference to have same sex relationships is part of who they are, it is not all of who they are. And if it happens to make life easier for those who make my life easier, then I’m all for it. (This is me, talking about feelings and friendship.)


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