baby bumps

There are a million simultaneous things going on in an emergency room that a medical intern has to find joy in the little things. And when these little things are named Jack Bauer , Ernie Varon, Johnny Walker, Prinzybelle, Maria Abcde , Li’l Mike and Zac Efren — such joy.

Maria Abcde would’ve been under the cut, but her mom had to say, ‘Ahb-see-dee. Pero ma’am silent e po ‘yan.’ Er, okay. Worlds of difference.  So I go, ‘Mommy, anong nickname niya?’ ‘Jaja.’ She just made my day. Li’l Mike? I swear on my life I did not invent that apostrophe. What about when he’s 33, not so li’l anymore, and filing for social security or lining up for an NBI clearance? Zac Efren, bless his heart, has a lot to live up to and, failing to do so,  a lot to live down.

Then again, you never know. Character springs eternal.


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