saying a little prayer

This is a prayer written by Ala Paredes, and I find it beautiful enough to want to be reminded of it every so often.

Dear Creator, 

Test my courage, always. Instill in me, the practice of being brave, creatively and in all else. 

When I’m going the wrong way, or getting too complacent in an unsatisfactory situation, shake me up. Wake me. Bless me with discomfort so that I shall continue to aspire to higher places. 

Make me open to receive the good things in life, most of which are already within reach or ready for the taking as soon I am ready to feel like I deserve them. 

Strip away the inessential, and give me only what I need in order to fulfill my objectives, my purpose. 

Do not make me bitter. Make me open so I can give only what is best, and true, and genuine about myself. 

Above all, help me to stay true to myself, to listen to my real voice always. I’m all I’ve got and I’m glad I’ve got me



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