a beautiful, barefoot mess

Last night, Jason Mraz and Toca Rivera walked onstage barefoot, then started singing, sometimes with their eyes closed, sometimes laughing, sometimes dancing awkwardly, and I thought to myself, “That’s how I want to live.”

It’s not that I want to be Jason, although who wouldn’t if they could. Of course, there are things that aren’t open to us, and this may simply be my idea of who he is. It’s just that I want to live doing something I am so obviously in love with. Some people kid that he must have been high throughout the gig, and while I won’t be surprised if that were to be partially true, I think it’s because he really is just a positive person, and it shows. It is in the lines of his songs that make a constant back and forth between wisdom and wit. It is in the way he laughs at himself, while advocating against human exploitation,  proclaiming, ” Real men don’t buy girls.” More than the one-liner, what struck me was that he stood for something, and that’s what I miss in my life. When I was younger, I stood for a lot of things, but it was a little scattered, and would have been more effective if it had been a little more focused and cohesive.

To not worry my life away. To laugh at myself often. To be the best definition of good intentions, and then to follow through. To live high, mighty and righteously.  This was the alphabet of Mr. A-Z. See you in 2012!


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