Zambales: One for the Bucket List

Three months ago, I went to Anawangin Cove and Capones Island in Zambales with my grade school best friend and her classmates from UST Medicine. This was the first of two trips I went on this year knowing only one person in the group. I would love to travel with my friends, but everyone’s schedule is so crazy these days (except for mine). Anyhow, in a way it’s fun going to new places with new people.

We went to meet up Kuya (I forgot his name. I’m so sorry, as he was an awesome guide) at SM North. We left at around one in the morning, so the drive to Zambales didn’t feel too long. At dawn, we boarded the boat to Anawangin. Spectacular, that view.



Anawangin has no signal and no electricity. There’s a really primitive (well, not dirt hole pit primitive) set of toilet and baths, but that’s about it. You wouldn’t mind, though. Not when you’re surrounded by this.



And this.



Medyo nagulat lang ako, because although I knew we were going to be walking around the island, hindi naman ako nainform na may akyatan ng bundok (burol lang daw according to kuya) na magaganap. I also didn’t bring my belt, so I had to keep holding onto my shorts lest they slip off my non-existent butt. Awkward mountain hill climbing is awkward.



Swimming and s’mores took up the rest of the night, although there was a full-on party courtesy of a vacationing call center team. The following day we trekked to the lighthouse in Capones Island. I didn’t get much of the history, save that a pornographic video was allegedly filmed there a few years back. It looked harmless to me. Haha.



Being the bad-ass adventurers we were, we got the boatmen to drop us off about a kilometer (random estimate, but it was far) from the shore, so we could swim inland. I think I was bad-ass for about five minutes before I started getting tired and borrowed a life vest from the smart ten year old swimming beside me. Hahaha. According to our guide, it’s rare that the waves were this calm in Capones. We were able to go snorkelling – my first time, I think – in really deep areas (five times my height deep).

Despite my arbitrary units of measurement, please take my word when I say that Zambales should be in your travel bucket list.


P.S.: All photographs are property of my companions, and are not mine. If you want to borrow them, you can ask through me. Thanks!

P.P.S: Until our next adventure, Iya! Tumataas na ang statistics natin : )


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