PGH and PCMC Residency Requirements

I’ve been back home for about two weeks, and this world has given me such a palpable welcome. Hello requirements, hello incessant budgeting. Anyhow, as I promised myself that I would try to see the best in this, I will. I have decided to apply to two hospitals, and if any of you are interested, here are the residency requirements for the Philippine General Hospital and the Philippine Children’s Medical Center.

Philippine General Hospital

PGH starts and ends its application period early. On account of Maring and the delayed release of the board exam results, this year’s deadline has been extended to August 30, 2013. First you have to go to Office of the Deputy Director for Health Operations (ADHO), which would be on the left side of the main lobby. When you request for an application form, you will be given a slip of paper which you will have to present to the cashier, along with Php 200. The cashier is just on the right side of the main lobby, but you may have to wait awhile depending on the length of the line. Once you have paid, present your receipt to get the application form. Though there may be particular requirements for the department you are applying to, the general requirements from PGH are as follows:

  • Completed application form, in duplicate
  • 2 pieces 2”x2” pictures (not more than 1 year)
  • Certification of class rank and general weighted average grade (GWAG) from the Office of the Dean/Office of the Registrar (Original or certified true copy)
  • Photocopy of the following (1 piece each):
    • Transcript of records
    • MD Diploma
    • Board Rating
    • Certificate of Internship
    • Community Tax Certificate (cedula)

Contact Number: 554-8400 loc 2008

I suggest you complete your other requirements, including secured references, before you go to PGH. You can get the application form, fill it up on the spot, then submit everything. Hopefully, this will save you one trip to the hospital.


Philippine Children’s Medical Center

Here are the requirements for PCMC:

  • Letter of Intent addressed through the Executive Director, Julius A. Lecciones, MD, MHSA, MPM, CESO III thru Dr. Joel S. Elises, Head, Office of Professional Education and Training
  • Curriculum Vitae with (2) 2×2 pictures
  • Transcript of records
  • MD Diploma
  • Class rank and general weighted average
  • PRC Board Rating
  • Certificate of Commendation/Infraction

There is no need to pay for an application form, but you will have to make at least two trips to the hospital. The last requirement, the Certificate of Commendation/Infraction, will have to signed and certified by the dean of your medical school.

There you go. If, in any way, the review guide helped you, I hope this will as well. Let the hunger games begin.


2 thoughts on “PGH and PCMC Residency Requirements

    • Hi Xiohara 🙂

      For PGH, we took a qualifying exam, then underwent three interviews, and completed a pre-residency/observership period, which lasted a month. The residents in Psychiatry were (still are) welcoming and helpful. Seniority is not as much of an issue, because the residents don’t make it an issue, and because there is a clear delineation of tasks among year levels. Residency has been more physically and emotionally exhausting than I expected, but I’ve been satisfied with my choice thus far.

      For PCMC, we had to take the exam, and the top 60(?) applicants got divided into two batches, who undergo a pre-residency period of a month. You get to choose between two schedules for your pre-residency. Because PGH results were released early, I didn’t go through the PCMC pre-res anymore. But I have a friend who’s almost finished with her training there, and she’s happy with it as well 🙂

      Best of luck 🙂

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