Hello, my lovely readership of three! I’ve been remiss with my writing recently, not because I’ve been particularly busy, but because two things happened. The first was that my laptop died on me and I just got it back from Switch ATC. (They are nice and efficient, and even though I had to pay for a new iOS, I appreciate that they informed me about it prior to installation instead of surprising me with a bill. I’m such a fan of good customer service.) I digress. The second was that I underwent pre-residency in Psychiatry, and last week received the good news that I was accepted into the program.

Life’s happening, and while I’m still not entirely certain about my decisions, I’m happy that I get to move forward. Honestly, I’m still a bit scared about the financial security that this field may or may not offer me. But, if at the end of three years, and this is assuming I am able to finish training, I earn nothing else, I’ll at least learn how to understand myself better. I think that’s worth investing three years in.

I started this blog in an effort to make myself more diligent about my writing, and that remains its primary purpose. However, I will be trying to give it a bit of direction and utility, for you, my readership of three. Haha. In the following weeks, I will be attempting to write at least one medically-related post per month (or two), which will be my attempts to answer questions that plagued me throughout my medical education. For two years, I’ve been rambling on my indecision about residency, and as you can see, that has been resolved. Possible future topics include USMLE, interviews with residents of different specialties, and what I wish I knew before certain levels of medical school. I’m not promising to answer all (or even any) of your questions (should you have them). I only want to share what I learned, because I know not all of us are lucky enough to have mentors, and hopefully, stimulate intelligent and humorous discussion.

Peace and more peace.

2 thoughts on “Onward

  1. Congrats on your residency! Reading your posts about med, I can relate! It was a forced career choice on my part and I’ve spent 5 years angry and eager to explore the outside world. Now I’m halfway through internship and I’m learning to come to terms with med and what I want to do. I’d like to correspond more with you , but the comments section is way too public hahaha. Would you have an email address I can send a message to?

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